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It's not an endangered lizard from Tanzania.

It's not a programming language either.

It's actually my last name, well my last name spelled in Welsh. Since you are probably wondering about how to pronounce CYMRU, it is actually pronounced the same way in both English and Welsh. Itís not particularly easy to remember, is it? So, let's make things easier on the both of us,
by just pronouncing it 'Sim-roo'.

Hey, domain names are pretty hard to come by
now days.

CYMRU STUDIOS is an on-line portfolio of my illustration, animation, and web design. It encompasses work that I have done for clients and friends over the past several years. I hope that you enjoy my artwork as much as I had in making it.

Thank you for dropping by.

M. Wales

Last Updated:

01/7/02 Whole new look. Whole new place. New! New! New!

03/1/02 Added two NEW illustrations to the illustration gallery.

04/3/02 Added two NEW web sites to the web design gallery.

08/9/02 Added five NEW Flash animations to the animation gallery. Way-Cool-Site Award Winner!